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Safety concerns     Mon, 2015-12-28

Please make the second and third floor only available to students/faculties only (people with visible CU Anschutz badge) to decrease the amount of theft or shady/weird people doing illegal things. "Non-students" also love to talk to their friends even though the second and third floor are the quiet zones.

It's also annoying, sometimes, during exam weeks when non-students use the study rooms for their own purpose. A lot of them also carry backpacks to blend in and start to use equipment (which in theory are for students).

Would you guys also please actually install a real camera on the second and third floor to reduce the amount of food and laptop thefts? The police even know the signs are bluffs since they can't even find the camera. If funding is a problem, would please install a fake plastic camera just to make people think twice of their actions? There's a lot of camera on the 1st floor, but second and third are close to non-existent (even the CU police I talked to know this). Let's keep this library safe and professional for students as it is intended to be.

Please keep this in consideration, thank you.

Library Response

Thank you for your comment. The library will certainly take all of this into consideration.

Currently the only declared quiet floor is second floor of the library. However, general quiet throughout the library is expected as the norm. Any noise disturbances can be dealt with by letting library users know their noise is distracting or by coming down to our service desk and asking library staff to talk to user/s about their noise.

In terms of 'shady' to illegal matters, all of us as University folks have the right and responsibility to report suspicious problems or crimes. If you see something, say something and contact the library onsite at our first floor service desk (303-724-2152) or call campus Police immediately (303-724-4444) if you see illegal things going on. We are here to help when behaviors cross the line, and campus Police always teach better safe than sorry.

The library can certainly consider its study room access policies and weigh the options, pros/cons and costs of trying to monitor who uses the study rooms. The study rooms are first-come, first-serve but with first priority to University users who can bump & trump non-University users and do so with library staff assistance if needed. If you are looking for a room and cannot find one, please come to the service desk and we will scout the large building with you to make sure a room is not free. If not we can try to identity and inquiry with certain users in rooms to see if they are University affiliated and knock on a few doors. A University ID badge is the indicator we use for university status.

We will pursue additional preventive measures as you suggest for the refrigerator areas on 2nd and 3rd floors. You are correct about the signs on the fridges and I agree with trying to do more.

Keeping the library safe is something the library and University Police have been doing well and we have been more focused in the past couple years. We remain open to all peoples and the public; we are not a public library but we are open to the public. We are a library with diverse missions and value to diverse peoples, and the University does want to have a face of open relationship with the general public. To me the library is safe and I feel University Police would generally agree with this statement. It is all of our jobs to keep the library safe so if you suspect something and see shady behavior, please contact campus Police asap and work with library staff to report concerns when they are occurring. The library has increased building rounds by staff to keep an eye on things and protect assets; our staff are involved more with Police relationships and awareness measures for staying safe and secure. We have become more vigilant in confronting problem behavior when seen or reported. Keeping the place safe takes a village of eyes and willingness of actors (both staff and users) to notify each other asap when "things happen". It is unfortunate and I regret the experience you had – it very much upsets me that someone/s is stealing lunches from the refrigerators.

Library leadership will review our study room policies and we will find ways to enhance preventive measures against theft out of the refrigerators. Library management is always glad to speak with you anytime about such concerns and ideas. You can ask for me at the service desk or speak with the interim library director Ms. Melissa DeSantis. I hope you continue to find ways to enjoy and benefit from our library and we will take your comments to heart. Thank you.


Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services, 303-724-2139,

Walking Stations     Tue, 2015-11-03

The walking stations are very popular but I think need to be maintained since they are making extra rattling sounds while in use. Has the library explored any options of additional walking desks?

Library Response

We are working with a local supplier to schedule a maintenance checkup and tuning, and have noticed some wear and tear issues on the walk stations.

And yes the library is having two more walk stations installed soon on the first floor. We are also getting more electric, height-adjustable tables which will be placed in spots around the facility and spread around like the others currently on second and third floors.

Thank you for the report, and we want to keep the walking desks running as smooth as possible given their popularity.

Douglas Stehle
Head of Access Services |

Interlibrary Loan Requests     Mon, 2015-11-02

Thank you so much for being so timely with the inter-library loan requests.  I have used this service on multiple occasions and am always pleasantly surprised at the quick turn around time, even for articles in more obscure journals.  Your help is much appreciated and makes my life so much easier!  Thanks a million!


Library Response

Thank you for the feedback.  Our Interlibrary loan staff strives to serve our faculty, staff, and students as quickly as possible. It is wonderful to hear that we are able to help you in your research and make your life easier! We hope you'll continue to use ILL and let others know of this great service.


Brittany Heer
Interlibrary Loan Manager


Water Bottle Filling Stations     Wed, 2015-09-30

I love the new water bottle filling stations and hope they make their way to other buildings on our campus. Thank you so much for installing them. Way to lead on keeping students healthy and hydrated in an environmentally friendly way! I also really enjoy the treadmill desks. Again thanks for making the health of students (and other library patrons) a priority!

Library Response

We are excited to hear that the new water bottle filling stations are a big hit. Campus student leadership has also asked to have other buildings to have the same filling stations throughout the campus. It is our understanding that the projects are progressing and they will be placed in these buildings: Education 1, Education II North, RC1 North, RC1 South, & RC2. As the Library initiated the install of the water filling stations on all of our floors we have heard Pharmacy & Dental Medicine will also be initiating the installation of these stations for their buildings as well.  We also hope for all to be on the lookout for two more walk stations coming to the library sometime in November or before the end of 2015.

Thank you,

Stefanie Ortiz
Administrative Assistant III



Donations of Materials     Fri, 2015-09-11

I have several back copies of the DVDs for the annual conference at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They gave them to me, knowing I had a few contacts at the school. They are completely free. You can have them for the library or you can give them to the students. Would you like me to drop them off when I'm out that way nest week? Let me know; from my perspective, as a former cancer patient, these DVDs have a few bits of valuable info that the students can pick up on.

Library Response

Thank you for your interest in donating materials to the Health Sciences Library at the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus.   We would like to accept the items you've offered for donation.  They may be brought to the Service Desk and or sent to the Library through Campus Mail at CB A003.  Attached is the Donation Agreement form, which can be returned with the items.  Thank you again for your donation.

Paul Andrews
Collection Development
Health Sciences Library
University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

Good study tables replaced with colorful booths     Tue, 2015-08-25

I returned to our fantastic library to find nearly all the good study tables on the 3rd floor replaced with the colorful booths. The booths are not well designed for hours of learning, lack multiple outlets on the table, and in addition, promote a space to nap/sleep which is should not be the goal of the library on a professional campus. Not only does it promote these activities but it encourages those activities by patrons who do not pay for or support the library, much less use the library as a gathering place to learn. Thank you for keeping the tables near the north bathrooms on the third floor but it would be great if the booths that appear to be more designed for ambiance than function could be replaced with the black topped wooden tables that are few and far between at the library. Or if the tables that were moved from the third floor could be located on the 2nd floor. Thank You.

Library Response

Thank you for your comment.

We may have options on 3rd floor to rearrange and swap some of the booths with study tables and create a mix in the area you are talking about. We will take a look and see what we can move around. It may take some time to accomplish this.

Our library IT department has recently installed new outlet options in one of our teaching labs, and I think we may be able to try a similar tech gadget solution on the booth tables and other study tables in the library which do not have the same sort of center outlets the black topped tables provided. We will pursue that and seek enhancements. Thank you for pointing this out.

The library polled student users last year about the booths and two new study cubicles on 3rd floor. We received overwhelmingly positive comments about the booths and a desire for more of them. Sample observations by library staff and feedback from other students suggest that studying there longer hours is comfy and effective for some and many students occupy the booths throughout the day for learning. Students are diverse and so are learning styles and study preferences.

The library's conduct policy discourages sleeping and prohibits habitual sleeping. We will place table tents and signage in the area to remind users of this. If and when library staff see unaffiliated users sleeping, we are waking them up and informing them of policy and/or asking them to leave. I recognize and respect that University students pay a lot and I feel students can nap a bit in the library, no questions asked. It is different with habitual sleeping and we have acted on this and will continue to inform people of our policy to curb sleeping. If you notice people sleeping, please alert our service desk staff to go address it. Our goal with the booths was not to promote sleeping but provide a different style and type of study furniture which is very popular in academic libraries.

The library's mission is to support an environment conducive to learning and study. The building is open to the public and the majority of unaffiliated users are in the library doing their own research and work. We continue to monitor the issues of loitering and use of the facility by unaffiliated users and University administrators are working with us. When you see something, please say something and we will do something to the degree we can. You can report problems to service staff on desk and feel free to ask for library management Mon-Fri, 9 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

I am glad to speak with you anytime. You can email me or ask for me at the service desk.


Douglas Stehle, Head of Access. 303-724-2139,

Non-students loitering     Wed, 2015-08-19


I am a student here on the Anschutz medical campus who uses the library as my primary place of study. For the past 3 days there have been a couple of non-students loitering on the 3rd floor of the library. They have not disturbed us per say, but they spend most of the day here not doing anything in particular. It makes me uncomfortable to even go use the bathroom as I am concerned for my possessions. I spend close to 40 hours a week in the library and it should not be the norm for me to have to pack up my stuff anytime I need to go to the bathroom. I understand this is a public building, but these floors are meant for studying and students to feel comfortable.

Library Response

Thank you for the comment.

We agree that the library and its public floors are meant for studying and an environment comfortable and conducive to research for students, faculty and all University users as well as visitors. The library and University administration are aware of the past and present challenge of select unaffiliated users in the library. We are monitoring and assessing the situation. If you believe someone is going to commit a crime, please call campus police.  If you believe someone is violating the Library’s Conduct Policy, please report this to the service desk.

Responsibility for possessions lies with each and every user. The library and campus police always recommend that personal belongings not be left unattended in any campus building public space. I realize this can be inconvenient but no one should assume a level of security for unattended belongings. One possible option, if you are studying in areas with other students nearby is consider asking them to keep an eye on your possessions if you take a short break.

Please feel free to speak with our library director in the Library Administration office on 3rd floor, or ask for a department head at our service desk to discuss these concerns.

Thank you.
Library Leadership Team

A-Z Journals     Wed, 2015-08-19

What would be great is having on the A-Z Journals page a column with maybe my 20 recent journal searches so it would be easy to go back without having to search for them again.

Library Response

Thank you so much for this suggestion.

It’s a great idea – but also a major project!  We keep a “wish list” of projects for HSL IT to work on and we will add this to our list. We have a vendor, currently Serials Solutions, that provides our A to Z Journals page.  Since they do not currently provide us with the functionality you describe, what we would need to do is build our own custom journal search web page. This web page would track recent Serials Solutions journal searches and present those titles to end users who want this type of function.

We have other web projects in process, and ideally this “recent searches” function could be part of something else we are looking to create. Meanwhile, as a temporary workaround what you can always user your browser to bookmark any journal results page in HSL’s Find Journals A to Z journals list. For specific pages on only one particular title, you can do search on the ISSN of any journal and bookmark it (for example, Nature Genetics is 1061-4036).

Jeff Kuntzman
Head, Library IT

Subscription Renewal/Securing 2nd Floor/Nap Pods     Tue, 2015-08-04

1.  I would appreciate the Library looking into renewing a subscription with the Journal of Computational Biology.

2.  Also securing the second floor to only students would be a nice addition to making students feel safe and secure in the building.

3.  The third item is the investment in nap pods. It would be preferable to keep these in the secure student area. Nap pods are used by top companies like Google, Apple, & Facebook to improve productivity.

Library Response

Thank you for your comments.

We can certainly review the journal title and our Collection Management Department will reach out to you to speak about it. You can also make suggestions for the collection on our website @

In regards to the second floor, this suggestion has popped up a couple times in the past and the library is still considering. We do have materials on the second floor which we feel should be accessible to the public and non-University researchers. The costs of renovating things to control access to the second floor or trying to enforce such a policy with staff seems too high and could create more bureaucracy and problems than it is worth.  For these reasons, the library is going to look at other options before restricting access to specific floors.  Safety and security does and should exist in all parts of the building. If you are having problems, please ask to speak with Library Administration about your specific concern.

In regards to nap pods, the Library does not see its mission to be a place for sleeping and there are many other competing priorities for our budget and other emerging visions of how to dedicate space within the building. However, this request has come up a couple of times in previous years and the library is interested in providing services that would be useful to our users.  As we work with stakeholders, we’ll get input from others about this idea too.

Thank you,

Library Leadership.

Board Vitals     Mon, 2015-07-27

1.  I used the Board Vitals for a few minutes, and found it very helpful.  The explanations were great, and I think would help me focus my studies.

2.  These PANCE questions are great! I would love to have more questions so I could answer a few of them every day.

3. Boards Vitals would be a great additional resource to help students prep for boards! It is easy to navigate and I like the explanations it gives! Thank you!!


Library Response

Thank you for the feedback on Board Vitals!  We love to hear from our user community about trial resources.  Please let us know if you notice any issues or have additional comments.

Yumin Jiang
Head, Collection Management, 303-724-2137


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