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Medical Lecture Tickets

On Exhibit: November 2016 to November 2017
Location: Second Floor Exhibit Area by the south elevators
Health Sciences Library

Before the rigorous application process of formal medical education was required, anyone who could afford a few dollars could attend medical lectures, and eventually become a doctor.  The Medical Lecture Ticket exhibit showcases several lecture tickets from all over the US, including from the University of Denver’s Dental Department and the Denver and Gross Medical College.  The tickets represent an era where there was little regulation and oversight.  Although seen as democratizing education, the medical ticket system often led to abuse and poorly trained doctors.  The tickets disappeared as medical education reformers began to create the modern medical school application process and curriculum that medical school follow today.

Visit the second floor near the south elevator to view these medical lecture tickets more closely .

image: Medical Lecture Tickets, group photo

photo: Medical Lecture Ticket, Denver and Gross

photo: Univ Denver Dental Department Medical Lecture Ticket




On Exhibit: November 2015 to November 2016
Location: Second Floor Exhibit Area by the south elevators
Health Sciences Library

The CU Anschutz Medical Campus is located on the former Fitzsimons Army Base, closed in 1999. Fitzsimons was opened in 1918, and was named in honor of Lt. Thomas Fitzsimons, of the Army Medical Corps, who was the first US officer killed in the First World War. The hospital was opened to care for returning soldiers who suffered from respiratory disease. The Base remained a key Army Medical Center until its closure and the iconic main hospital, known as Building 500, is still the center of the campus.

Visit the second floor to further explore the history of Fitzsimons and view artifacts from its Army Medical Corps past.
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Fitzsimons Exhibit at the Health Sciences Library


Surgical kits

Surgical kit

An exhibit of a 1858 U.S. Army surgical kit and a modern military surgical kit from the Library's artifact collection.

Artifacts donated by Dr. Carl E. Bartecchi


Located in the third floor Special Collections Room