Computer Policy

Computing Environment

The Health Sciences Library on the CU Anschutz Medical Campus (CU Anschutz) provides access to biomedical information resources in a complex networked environment. Every effort is made to maintain computing and networks systems at optimal levels. Please ask for assistance at the Service Desk if you need help getting started with your research, or if you are experiencing equipment problems.


Library computers are a resource provided to support the education, research, and clinical decision-making needs of the faculty, staff, students and patients of CU Anschutz and University of Colorado Hospital.

Others may use specified workstations during periods of low demand, as long as all such use is within CU Denver computing guidelines. Picture ID must be provided at the Service Desk in order to obtain on-site computing access. Users must sign in and agree to abide by this policy. The library’s service desk provides ten (10) guest computer login passes for public users--a limited amount. If all ten passes are in use, public users must wait for availability of a pass. Public users may be asked by library staff to give up their login after one hour for another public user who wishes to use a library computer.

Library computers and licensed online resources may not be used by anyone for commercial purposes or private financial gain as defined by the CU Denver Administrative Policy - Facilities Use by Employees and Students -

Open drink containers near library computers and/or food products accompanied by excessive waste are prohibited.

Viewing of pornography or sexually offensive material in the library is prohibited.

Use of peer-to-peer software on library computers, including BitTorrent and similar P2P software, is prohibited. Use of such software on personal devices within the library, if using university network resources is also prohibited. 

Failure to comply with the guidelines in this policy may result in the loss of the right to use the computers in the library.


Not all sites on the Internet provide accurate, complete, unbiased or current information. It is the consumer’s responsibility to evaluate the quality and validity of the information found. The library disclaims any liability arising from access to or use of information from the Internet.

The library disclaims any liability arising from the loss of data or damage to disks resulting from the use of library computing equipment.

revised February, 2017