The Health Sciences Library has been an essential part of the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center's history and development. The library was started with an endowment made by Ella Strong Denison, whose husband, Dr. Charles Denison, was an early Colorado physician and Professor of Chest Diseases and Climatology at the University of Denver, 1881-1885. Mrs. Denison donated funds in 1924 for "The Charles Denison, M.D., Memorial Library." The funds made it possible to furnish a library on the second floor of the School of Medicine. She also gave funds annually to purchase journal subscriptions. The library opened with 7,500 books and soon outgrew its quarters. In 1935, Mrs. Denison donated more than $90,000 to build a new library building and badly needed auditorium. This building was completed in 1937. The dedication address was given by Dr. Florence Sabin. The library flourished, requiring new additions in 1962 and 1977. For more information about the library on the old 9th Avenue campus, read this detailed history of the University of Colorado Medical Library Collection.

Groundbreaking ceremonies for a new Health Sciences Library on the Anschutz Medical Campus took place on April 10, 2006. Collections and staff moved to the Anschutz Medical Campus in October 2007 and its doors opened to the public on October 15, 2007. The new library is the physical and digital hub of knowledge on the Anschutz Medical Campus, coordinating access to information in support of learning, research, clinical care, and service to the community. The library is seen as a link between people and knowledge in this technology-intensive era, helping to overcome barriers, meeting needs for information, and providing navigation assistance. In addition to AMC personnel and students, the library serves rural and metro health providers, citizens of the region, and Colorado's developing biotechnology industry.

The photo archive of the construction progress covering early 2007 through fall 2007 will be available in the Digital Collections of Colorado.

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